Hi, I'm Lisa!

Lisa A. Purdy, ND, MH, CNHP  |  Owner of Healthy Life Solutions


My passion for natural health and love of using herbs has led me to be living the life I love, sharing my skills and knowledge with the local community, both in the store and with personal health consultations. I enjoy helping others, especially mothers and grandmothers, empowering them to improve their own health and to encourage their families towards a healthy lifestyle. When I am not at the store, you will find me in the garden, cozied up with a good book, or snuggling with my dog, Mozart.

I have been married to my husband, Bruce, for 34 years. We have six children and one grandchild. Five of my six children were birthed at home, and all of them naturally. I raised my children using herbs and natural remedies as often as possible, and most of my children reached adulthood without ever needing to see a doctor. While I believe strongly in natural medicine, I recognize the importance of doctors and hospitals and use their services when necessary. I am grateful for the miracle of my youngest daughter, who has had multiple life-saving surgeries. When it comes to childhood sniffles and fevers, though, I have always relied on natural remedies from my herb cupboard and I believe my children are healthier because of it.

Wondering what all of those letters after my name mean? I have years of practical experience using herbs, and also educational qualifications. ND stands for Doctor of Naturopathy, received from Trinity School of Natural Health.  I am NOT a medical doctor, this is an educational doctorate. MH stands for Master Herbalist, a degree from the School of Natural Healing. CNHP is for Certified Natural Health Professional which recognizes successful studies in alternative natural health. I love learning and then sharing that knowledge in the classes that I teach.


Personal Consultations

 What to expect

First, you will fill out a questionnaire with general health information and we will discuss the symptoms you may be experiencing or problems you would like to address. Then I will energy test points on the body to assess weakness or strength. We can also test supplement products to see if they make a difference for you, and I will teach you how to test products for yourself. 

The goal of a consultation is to create a uniquely developed plan for you, focusing on your strengths and weaknesses, and your personal needs. A consultation will take one and a half hours, and the cost is $60.

Be empowered with knowledge, create a plan to reach your health goals, and know which supplements you need to improve your health. Don’t miss this opportunity to find natural solutions for your health problems!