Personal Consultations

What to expect

First, you will fill out a questionnaire with general health information and we will discuss the symptoms you may be experiencing or problems you would like to address. Then I will energy test points on the body to assess weakness or strength. We can also test supplement products to see if they make a difference for you, and I will teach you how to test products for yourself. 

The goal of a consultation is to create a uniquely developed plan for you, focusing on your strengths and weaknesses, and your personal needs. A consultation will take one and a half hours, and the cost is $75.

Be empowered with knowledge, create a plan to reach your health goals, and know which supplements you need to improve your health. Don’t miss this opportunity to find natural solutions for your health problems!

Bach Flower Remedies

Struggling mentally or emotionally?

Bach Flower Remedies bring balance to the body, mind, and emotions. Discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s, these simple 38 flowers can help with feelings like anger, fear, depression, grief, anxiety, or lack of motivation or confidence. Dr. Bach believed that a person’s mental outlook influenced their physical recovery from disease. I have found them to be useful in letting go of the past, and preparing yourself mentally to move forward. 

Unlike psychiatric drugs which have many side effects, the flower remedies are SAFE. They do not interfere with any medications, and can be given to children or pets. These remedies can give you the courage needed for change, and enable you to do so.

Fill out a questionnaire and then we will create a combination of flowers personalized for your needs.

Do you have a mental attitude or emotion which you would like to bring into balance? Bach flowers offer amazing help.


What Are Bach Flower Remedies?

Dr. Edward Bach, a well-respected biologist, discovered during observations of his patients, that a person’s mental outlook influenced their recovery.  Bach recognized that disease was the result of a conflict between the soul, mind, and body.  If you can change a person’s attitude towards life to a positive one, you can restore balance and reduce negativity.  In 1936 as a result of his research, he created 38 flower “essences” which restores this imbalance.  These remedies are non-toxic and are safe for children or pets!

Bach stated, “Seek the outstanding mental conflict in the person, give him the Remedy that will overcome that conflict, and (give) all the hope and encouragement you can, then the virtue within him, will itself, do all the rest…treat the cause, not the effect.”


What do bach flower remedies accomplish?

The flower remedies ease emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, or depression, bringing forth the well-being of the person.  They work to alter a person’s attitude towards life; restoring a positive outlook.  Each time the remedy is taken, the negative emotions are reduced until balance is restored.  The remedies may be divided into seven catagories:  fear, uncertainty, disinterested, loneliness, easily influenced, despondent, and over-caring.  Bach flowers may give you more confidence, courage, endurance, hope in the future, self-reliance, tolerance of others, more will-power, and selfless love.


what is rescue remedy? 

Rescue remedy is a combination of five of the Bach flower essences:  Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, and Clematis.  This is the first aid remedy for any emergency or shock…it de-stresses, calms, and relaxes.


why should i consider bach flower remedies?

Emotions do influence physical health.   Sometimes we must address the underlying emotional problem in order for the body to heal.  Bach flower remedies may help a person to release these toxic emotions in a healthy way, changing their thinking to a positive and balanced pattern.  If emotions are running your life, I encourage you to take steps to find balance and healing…Bach flower essences can help.