Naturopathic Health Consultations

What Can A Natural Practitioner Do For You?

Frustrated by not being as healthy as you want to be? 

Tired of taking drugs, but not getting rid of the problem? 

Are you looking for answers for your health?

As your natural health practitioner I will partner with you to help YOU to discover a new life, one choice at a time, giving you the support you need to live with more vitality.


What Does A Naturopathic Consultation Include?

  • Assessment of a questionnaire, giving you valuable information about the state of your overall health

  • Muscle testing of 55 energy points on the body. This helps to narrow down our focus to the areas needing support right now

  • Completion of an iTOVi scan, which can help to give you more direction and indicate which herbs or essential oils may bring you into balance. Read more about iTOVi scans

  • Creation of a PLAN of action. When you leave my office, you will know what daily choices you need to make in order to accomplish your goals and create the healthy lifestyle you desire

  • Follow-up support. We are a team! As your health coach, I will be there for you with support, encouragement, community and accountability as you make the changes necessary to create a new healthy life.


What Will A Naturopathic Consultation Cost?

$125 for the initial consult

*Allow 2 hours

*Product is not included in cost

$75 for each follow up appointment

Includes iTOVi scan, muscle testing, and 30 minute assessment.

To see REAL results be prepared to commit to 3-6 months on your program.

Bach Flower Remedies

Struggling mentally or emotionally?

Bach Flower Remedies may be the solution!

What can Bach Flower Remedies do for you?

Bach Flower Remedies restore balance to the mind and body. Each time the remedy is taken, negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety or depression are reduced until balance is restored. Bach flower remedies are incredibly safe, non-toxic, without side effects, and do not interact with medications. I have seen them work for numerous mental struggles, to help you work through the trauma of a bad experience, to help you to forgive, to overcome fear, to reduce nightmares, to gain self-confidence and the ability to make decisions, and so much more. Bach Flower Remedies empower you to become the person you want to be!

What does a Bach Flower Assessment include?

Questionnaire and Assessment

Personal remedy designed especially for you

What Is The Cost?

$35 – Assessment and remedy

$30 – Refill with same bottle and remedy