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Be Free to Serve: doTerra Business Training

doTerra Business Training with Jade Balden


*Easy step by step success skills

*Overcoming fears & obstacles

*Attract abundance

*Fun & interactive

*Business planning & strategizing

*Compensation plan explained

*$15 admission per person

Register/Tickets required by March 31


Who is Jade Balden?

Jade is a doTERRA Diamond Rank leader.

She is a passionate holistic health educator, an energy healer and business woman. She enjoys partnering with proactive mature women who passionately pursue continual improvement to the quality of their life.

She loves helping strong women find their true joy and peace by awakening them to their life’s higher purpose. We awaken by re-aligning ourselves physically, financially, emotionally, mentally & spiritually to God.

We realign through being aware and honoring our divine power and potential. We achieve this by erasing outdated unsupportive limiting beliefs and thoughts and then, strengthening new beliefs with the help of essential oils, practical skills and principle-based actions.

She coaches capable women to establish financially viable residual-income sources so they can eventually be FREE to SERVE.

We work together to create enduring legacies for our families and others that come after us.

When we are FREE to SERVE, we can powerfully spread love, light and healing to all people.

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