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Energy Healing Seminar

Did you ever wonder?

What is acupuncture? What are meridians? How does it work and does
it hurt? Licensed Acupuncturist, Adam Stewart will share his expertise with you and answer your questions.

What about muscle testing? Naturopath, Lisa Purdy will demonstrate how it works, how it can benefit you, and teach you to muscle test yourself.

What are Chakras? Yoga Instructor, Connie Bradford will explain the chakra system and how you can bring balance to your life with yoga.

What is Reiki? Reiki Master, Amy Jo Eulberg will share what reiki is and how it can benefit your daily life by reducing stress.

Now is your chance to learn about these fascinating topics! Sometimes the unknown can be a little scary. Energy that we can feel, but not see, is it safe? Many of these ideas come from other cultures: China, India, and Japan, so they can be very foreign to our Western thought. Are they spiritual or physical? How can they help me? Join us to learn more about how using energy medicine can bring health, balance, and vitality to you!

Cost $45 (includes lunch) Register at 740-689-1111
*Must register by Sept. 20 to have lunch included*