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Be Your Own Doctor: Emergencies

Be ready for wounds, sprains, tissue/nerve pain, burns, bug bites, infection, croup, asthma, pneumonia, appendicitis, IBS, bladder/kidney infections, and liver detox.  Make a wound powder, tissue and bone formula, chest salve, elderberry syrup, and breathe easy tea.  Discover the uses of aloe vera, bentonite clay, cayenne, colloidal silver, elderberries, goldenseal, honey, hydrangea, lavender oil, lobelia, marshmallow, milk thistle, mullein, and turmeric.  Be prepared to face health challenges naturally.  


Be Your Own Doctor Class Series – Cost $45 per class or $200 for all 5 classes

Preregistration required – 1 week prior to class date   Call 740-689-1111

Earn a certificate of completion for attending all 5 classes.

***The book series by Rachel Weaver M.H. will be used extensively in these classes…highly recommended, but not required for class.   Purchase your copy early!  

Be Your Own Doctor   Class 1 and 2                   Back yard Pharmacy   Class 3

Be Your Child’s Pediatrician   Class 4                Be Your Own Doctor II   Class 5