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Be Your Own Doctor: Be Your Child's Pediatrician

In this class, learn how to be prepared to care for your child.  Beginning with pregnancy, birth, and infant care, we will discuss herbal remedies to help. Learn to use natural alternatives with common childhood problems such as allergies, ADD, broken bones, chicken pox/shingles, colds, sore throat, earaches, measles, rashes, constipation, motion sickness, muscle cramps, wounds, whooping cough, vaccines, yeast infections and antibiotics. Best of all, learn to make your own herbal medicines for your family!

Be Your Own Doctor Class Series – Cost $45 per class or $200 for all 5 classes

Preregistration required – 1 week prior to class date   Call 740-689-1111

Earn a certificate of completion for attending all 5 classes.

***The book series by Rachel Weaver M.H. will be used extensively in these classes…highly recommended, but not required for class.   Purchase your copy early!  

Be Your Own Doctor   Class 1 and 2                   Back yard Pharmacy   Class 3

Be Your Child’s Pediatrician   Class 4                Be Your Own Doctor II   Class 5

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