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Hi, I'm Jeannette!

I'm the American Reflexology Certified Board therapist behind Whole Sole Reflexology. I am also a wife, mother, grandmother, and thirty year Hocking Valley resident. I am very privileged to be working in Healthy Life Solutions with Lisa Purdy.

In the spring of 2007, I was suffering from stress and grief induced insomnia that had been plaguing me for over four years. I was desperate for sleep so when someone suggested that I try reflexology, I scheduled an appointment. After just one reflexology session, I began sleeping, and generally feeling better. I wanted to learn more about this wonderful therapy and help others experience how reflexology had made me feel. So I enrolled in the Reflexology School of Ohio in Columbus and was amazed to learn the benefits of reflexology. The amazement continues as I work with clients of many different ages, backgrounds, and wellness and see how they benefit from reflexology therapy. I still receive regular reflexology sessions.


What is Reflexology?  

Reflexology is a hands-on therapy that stimulates reflex points in our ears, feet, and hands that correspond to all parts of the body. By manipulating these points, a physiological change happens in the body. Stress and tension is reduced and it becomes easier for the body to relax. Reflexology also improves circulation and helps to open nerve pathways. And we mustn’t forget balance. In this unbalanced world we live in, reflexology helps the body to balance.

Just how important is stress relief and balance to our general wellbeing? Many studies have shown that stress is the root cause of more than 70% of chronic illness and disease. Wouldn’t it be great to find proven ways of reducing stress and thereby reducing its ability to make us sick? For so many people, health care is a knee-jerk reaction, we just mindlessly react, while our family endures round after round of illness. We can be proactive about our health care, not just reactive. Reflexology is a proven therapy to reduce the stress and tension that is so prevalent in our daily lives and causing so much illness. Reflexology is safe, non-invasive, with no harmful side effects, and you just might leave the session feeling as if you are walking on a cloud.

Join those who have found reflexology to be a proactive way to feel better and reduce their stress.  My clients express that reflexology has helped them as regards to headaches, constipation, high blood pressure neuropathy, back and neck pain, sinusitis, colic, autoimmune issues, insomnia, and much more.  I have seen reflexology benefit 80+ year olds to premature infants and every age in between.  


Relax  |  Refresh  |  Rejuvenate

Call for an appointment and let reflexology reduce your stress and be a part of your proactive wellbeing plan.  

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