Essential Oils

Visit our essential oil bar! 

We have had so much fun in our classes learning how to blend essential oils that we have decided to offer the opportunity to make blends right in the store. We have a special area set up with a large variety of essential oils, carrier oils, and bottles.

First, choose a bottle: we have sprays, roll-ons, droppers, flip-tops, and inhalers.

Next, fill your bottle with a carrier oil or water.

Then select your blend of essential oils and add them in.

Don’t know what to make? We have several books available to help you create your own personal formulas. Blends that you formulate yourself are wonderful gift ideas. Make sure to label it with the ingredients you used! 

Stop by our Essential Oil Bar today and make your own blend. Cost $35.

Sign up for a doTerra Membership

10 Reasons to Sign Up For A doTerra Membership With Healthy Life Solutions

1. Save Money on Essential Oils – with a doTerra membership you save 25% on your oil purchases. Why buy retail, when you can SAVE?

2. Get only the BEST Quality oils – Did you know that you can follow doTerra oils from their source? Just scan the code and you can be sure that you are getting the highest standards of excellence in every bottle. For more information visit:

3. Receive FREE oils every month with a Loyalty order – I love this! I also save up points to use for special expensive oils that I want and then get them FREE!

4. Sign up with a 200PV order before November 30 to receive 50 bonus points, exclusive to Healthy Life Solutions customers.

5. Essential oils make great gifts! I would love to get this Kids Collection for all my grandchildren. Essential oil blends to help them to be calm, strong, steady, brave, or do better in school – the perfect gift.

6. We offer support, answers to your questions, and great classes – Check the event schedule and join us for a class!

7. Make an appointment in the store for an iTOVi scan and a personalized essential oil blend. At Healthy Life Solutions, we are here to help you! Contact us about iTOVi.

8. More than just essential oils - Did you know that doTerra has great quality vitamins? I take their  Lifelong Vitality pack every day, which includes a multivitamin, antioxidant blend, and fish oil with essential oils added. I love the energy that I feel on this combination – try it!

9. Essential Skin Care – why not take the time to have wonderful skin? These natural products make it easy. Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer…3 quick steps to beautiful skin!

10. Essential Oils smell so pretty! I have my own personalized perfume blend in a roll-on bottle. I also love to put it into my diffuser necklace. I have special blends for each room in my house and for different seasons! Best of all – NO chemicals.

Interested in Aromatherapy?

Meghan Mercer | Aromatherapy Consultations

Hi, I am Meghan. I am excited to work with the team here at Healthy Life Solutions. I am currently studying at Arizona State University in the area of Global and Integrative Health. As an Independent Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA Essential Oils, I bring enthusiasm, hope, and knowledge of aromatherapy and healing into our lives through classes and consultations.

It is my mission to educate, encourage, and empower others seeking holistic health, healing, and hope. I would love to help you create a personalized PLAN to reach your health goals.

What is involved with an Aromatherapy Consultation?

Your one-hour session will begin with an iTOVi scan. The hand held device combines galvanic skin response, pressure, temperature, and technology to measure small changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin. After just a few minutes the scan is complete and will generate a report specific to you. The result will be listed in order of priority and will identify physical, environmental, and emotional imbalances in the body.

Your session will assist you to identify the five essential oils your body needs most. I will also explain a 30 day wellness plan based on your top three health priorities. It is my desire to help you reach your goals and bring the body back into balance holistically.

Aromatherapy Consultation Cost - $50

Personalized Essential Oil Blend – additional $35

To make an appointment call Meghan at 330.312.2712