Essential Oils

Visit our essential oil bar! 

We have had so much fun in our classes learning how to blend essential oils that we have decided to offer the opportunity to make blends right in the store. We have a special area set up with a large variety of essential oils, carrier oils, and bottles. First, choose a bottle: we have sprays, roll-ons, droppers, flip-tops, and inhalers. Next, fill your bottle with a carrier oil or water. Then select your blend of essential oils and pay by the drop for the oils you choose. 

We also have an unscented organic cream base, to which you can add your oils, if you'd rather make a lotion. Don’t know what to make? We have several books available to help you create your own personal formulas.

Blends that you formulate yourself are wonderful, inexpensive, gift ideas. Make sure to label it with the ingredients you used! 

Stop by our Essential Oil Bar today and make your own blend.