DIY Bug Spray: doTERRA Team May 2019

DIY Bug Spray: doTERRA Team May 2019

When it comes to outdoor protection, no defense is better than Mother Nature’s offerings. This formula contains a select blend of essential oils that will keep the bugs away this summer!

10 Ways to Detox Your Life

1.     Drink more water! “The solution to pollution is dilution”, Steven Horne. I like to add Cell Food to my water: which adds enzymes, minerals, and amino acids to help bring balance to the body and help to increase detoxification activity.

2.     Liquid Chlorophyll (Nature’s Sunshine) – Chlorophyll is the blood of the plant, providing concentrated nutrition. Usually from alfalfa which grows deep into the ground, absorbing the minerals found there, such as iron. Chlorophyll is both cleansing and building for the body.

3.     Chlorella (also Nori and Wakame seaweed) – consuming chlorella resulted in a significant reduction of dioxin levels in breast milk in a study of Japanese women. Chlorella has the potential to absorb heavy metals and has been used to reduce lead and mercury.

4.     Cilantro enhances mercury excretion following dental amalgam removal and decreases lead absorption in the bones of animals. Use cilantro any time you have been exposed to heavy metals.

5.     Probiotics restore the damaged environment in the intestines, facilitating excretion of toxicants, replacing them with healthy flora.

6.     NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine) enhance mobilization of toxicants from tissue storage sites and increased their rate of elimination. It also reduced and removed arsenic form the organs. Glutathione (in absorbable forms) facilitates the movement of toxins from fat storage.

7.     Bentonite clay and activated charcoal decreases the re-uptake of toxicants in the body by absorbing them and assisting their removal through the lower bowel. Use these any time you feel that you may have been poisoned.

8.     Eat plenty of Fiber! Fiber in the diet helps to keep the bowels clean and reduces absorption of toxins into the body. Psyllium is also a natural lipase inhibitor, which decreases the absorption of fat - and the toxins stored therein - into the body.

9.     Essential Oils which have been traditionally used to detoxify the body include: lemon, grapefruit, and peppermint. I love doTerra’s Zendocrine blend too.

10.   Herbs that have been traditionally used to detoxify the body include: aloe, buckthorn, bugleweed, burdock root, capsicum, cascara sagrada, cilantro,dandelion root, ginger, licorice, marshmallow, milk thistle, Oregon grape, red clover, sarsaparilla, turkey rhubarb, and yellow dock.


Consider including some of these into your daily lifestyle to improve the detoxifying of your body. We are exposed to multiple toxins daily, so we need to be aware and active in removing them from our lives as much as possible. Please stop into the shop to discuss with me some of the detox possibilities we have available, or call for an appointment to create a plan of action to meet your goals. I would love to partner with you as your health coach!

10 Reasons to Detox Your Life

 1.     Heavy metals are passed down to the next generation and are actually changing our DNA. There are over 287 harmful chemicals found in umbilical cord blood. These toxins affect behavior, mental ability, health, and obesity in our children. Detox BEFORE you get pregnant! Mercury and lead can be inherited!

2.     Heavy metals are stored in body fat. Yep, and the area around your organs, the visceral fat is the worst. The storage of heavy metals contributes to achy joints, unbalanced hormones, and obesity. The middle-aged spread may have to do with the storage of toxic chemicals. Your body knows that if it releases them into your system, you will be very sick. So it tucks those dangerous metals away in your fat. Be careful to detox as you lose weight…you will lose toxic metals too!

3.     Heavy metals damage the nervous system, suppress the immune system, and cause inflammation. The brain is made of fat – true, not cheese. Since toxins are stored in fat, where do you suppose a lot of those toxins are stored? Yep, in our brains! Aluminum is used in water treatment plants to neutralize the pH. It is also abundant in chem trails, killing trees and poisoning us. Aluminum causes neurodamage and damages the myelin sheath protecting your nerves.

4.     Mercury has been connected with MS and with birth defects. Mercury fumes are easily absorbed by the lungs, yet we fill our teeth with mercury. Breathe in mercury fumes – breathe deeply now! What? Of course it ends up in the body! Don’t be fooled.

5.     Lead was used extensively in the paint of homes in the 1950’s. Did you know that lead causes mental instability? It is possible the fall of Rome may be attributed to the lead pipes in their water system, especially of the wealthy-ruling class. Lead is stored in the bone. If a mother experiences bone loss during pregnancy, where does the bone go? To the baby, along with a dose of lead too. Studies show that high lead levels lead to criminal behavior. It also is disruptive to hormones and toxic to gut bacteria.

6.     There are 3 main toxins affecting 4 generations: lead, mercury, and glyphosate. See the news for details of how glyphosate (round-up) has caused disease! It is possible that these 3 toxins are causing 95% of the autoimmune disease in the general population.

7.     Did you know there is an area the size of Texas in the ocean that is floating microplastics? These plastics are eaten by the fish and then eaten by us. OK – enough is enough – plastic the size of Texas? Come on…WE have to DO something about this! No more plastic!

8.     Did you know that you are only 10% human? 90% of the cells in our bodies are bacteria and other microbes. The toxins we are exposed to create a gut imbalance that allows bad bacteria to dominate the gut. Endotoxins are then released into the body and may affect your health. Including immune function, blood sugar, weight, cardiovascular health, emotions, and energy levels.

9.     A recent report from WHO shows that 92% of the world’s population breathes polluted air. At least 1 in every 4 worldwide deaths are attributable to these toxic environments. Poor air quality not only damages your lungs, but all of your organs as well. It triggers mutations in your genes, damages brain cells, and T-helper cells.

10.   How toxic are you? The CDC as found that the average person has 420 chemicals known to be highly harmful in their bodies. This toxic burden, in combination with poor diet and lifestyle, makes it extremely difficult for our body to function optimally.


Scary, isn’t it? Don’t bury your head in the sand, these chemicals and toxic metals are harming us and our children! What are YOU going to do about it?


Want to know more? Read the book: Your Body’s Environmental Chemical Burden, by Cindy Klement, MS, CNS, MCHES. (Available for purchase at Healthy Life Solutions)