Packing for Vacation? Don’t Leave Home Without These!

1.     AnxiouslessNature’s Sunshine – provides natural, non-habit forming nervous system support to help you face your day with confidence. Travel involves fun as well as stress: What if I miss my flight? Do we really have to spend two DAYS with Aunt Thelma? Lost luggage or car problems? Cranky children or husbands can make a trip less than you hoped for…so I always pack a little peace of mind to help take the edge off.

2.     Enzymes, Allegany Nutrition – helps your body to properly digest food, relieving symptoms of acid reflux, gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. When you travel, you tend to eat more rich foods, more junk foods, and just more food! Part of the fun is to eat new and different things, but it can make you very uncomfortable. I keep enzymes in my purse and take one with each meal to help keep my digestive system happy. Be sure to take enough to share with others in your travel party – keep everyone happy!

3.     LBS II, Nature’s Sunshine – is an herbal laxative formula to help with occasional constipation. The combination of too much sitting while traveling and too much food is bound to cause problems. Take these a little proactively, two capsules before bedtime to keep things moving properly. This is available in liquid form for children too. It is easy to miss the signs of their discomfort while being so busy having fun. I have heard many a story of a sickness complication while on vacation, that might have been prevented if more attention was paid a little earlier on in the trip. Toxins stuck inside the body will make you sick - end of story, end of fun trip.

4.     Magnesium, Natural Vitality gummies or Nature Sunshine capsules – helps with anxiety, calming, sleep, sore muscles, and constipation. Traveling can make me feel achy and magnesium helps to relax those muscles from too much sitting or walking. Use the gummies to help children relax too, so everyone can sleep.

5.     Curamin, Terry Naturally – extra strength curcumin can quickly help with inflammation and pain. Too much walking, hiking, sitting, or doing unusual activities can make your trip painfully unpleasant. Especially as we get older, it may be hard to keep up the pace so that we can see and do everything we want to do. Not all curcumin is created equal, I use Curamin for quick relief…it works!

6.     Vitamin C – to support the immune system. When we travel we are exposed to new bacteria daily. We also may be lowering our immunity by not getting enough sleep and not eating properly. So a little extra vitamin C is my insurance policy to NOT get sick while on vacation!

I hope these suggestions help you on your next trip. I won’t leave home without them! Stay healthy and have fun this summer.