Sore Muscles, Headaches, Anxiousness, and Sleeplessness


What do these things have in common? Lack of magnesium. Symptoms of magnesium depletion include stress, fatigue, low energy, inability to sleep, muscle tension, spasms and cramps, anxiousness and nervousness, irritability, headaches, weakness, PMS, hormone imbalances, weakening bones, abnormal heart rhythm, and constipation. If you suffer from several of these, you might want to consider a daily magnesium supplement.


Most magnesium is stored in your cells, not in your blood, so blood tests aren’t really a helpful measure for this deficiency. I am sure you have experienced doing hard work and then feeling the achy muscles that follow. Some of that is caused by the body using up that stored magnesium in those muscles. Stress also will burn up a lot of magnesium from the body’s stores, so make sure to supplement more magnesium during times of stress or intense labor/work out.


Heart palpitations may also be caused by lack of magnesium, the heart is a muscle after all and the body likes to store magnesium in the muscles. One of the first things they will give you in the emergency room with heart palpitations is an IV of magnesium. Been working out in the hot sun and now feeling weak? Electrolytes including magnesium and minerals are important to be replenished to keep the body balanced.


One of my favorite forms of magnesium is CALM by Natural Vitality. It is a powder, which is mixed into water and then will fizz up. Best taken about an hour before bed, this will help with sleep. Magnesium relaxes the muscles and the mind from thinking too much. Ah yes…relax and be calm! This same company has come out with CALM Gummies that are delicious and wonderful for children too. I also like the CALM Magnesium Cream to rub directly on those hurting muscles. My daughter used this cream to relieve the horrible backache she had after her open heart surgery. The cream is another great thing to use with kids, try it for those “growing pains” or terrible leg/foot cramps.


Many people like the “glycinate” form of magnesium. It works well and is recommended often by doctors for women’s cramping and PMS issues. The glycinate form is a bit easier on the bowels and so can be taken in higher doses. Typically magnesium oxide is helpful for constipation, but some forms may be too harsh for those prone to diarrhea or IBS. Glycinate or malate forms may be helpful in these situations.


Another product which includes magnesium that I always keep in my purse is Formula 303. It is a homeopathic preparation which means that it has very little chance of side effects or interactions with medications. Formula 303 contains magnesium, valerian, and passion flower. I use it for headaches, achy muscles, or to help me relax when stressed and to help me sleep. This one I always take with me when I travel.


Stop by the store to try a sample and to discuss with me which product might be the best for your needs. Too much yard work or exercise? We have safe options for pain relief!