Natural Detoxification


I just returned from Nature’s Sunshine National Convention in Indianapolis, IN. What FUN and what INFORMATION I have brought back to share with you! Nature’s Sunshine is a company dedicated to quality products, taking the newest information and testing and making products to help YOU. I learned A LOT about toxins this week! Yikes, we are in trouble! Here are a few facts from my notes.

Did you know that lead and mercury are passed down in your genes to your children?

Lead is stored in the bone, many women lose bone while they are pregnant. This loss of bone, plus its lead, goes to the baby. Our parents, unintentionally, gave us a dose of lead from paint and in water pipes of the past. We passed it on to our children. Lead disrupts hormones (think about thyroid and fertility), and is toxic to gut bacteria, it also has been connected to criminal behavior. Lead is commonly found in plants and our food.

Mercury is in dental amalgam, vaccines, seafood, light bulbs, old thermometers, and in chemicals such as eye contact fluid of the 70-80’s. There is 25 mcg. mercury in every flu shot, which has an accumulative effect, and is passed down to our children. Mercury from a mother’s dental amalgam will show up in her breast milk. It can also be found in the dead fetus and in infant hair. Our children begin their lives with a toxic load.

A study done 10 years ago showed 287 chemicals in the umbilical cord. Can you imagine what that number is today?!

Did you know that toxins are stored in your fat? Yep, another reason to lose it! The problem is that for every pound lost, there is an increase of 1-2% in circulating toxins. The body stores the toxins to keep you from getting sick, so as you lose weight, the toxins get released and are circulating in your blood. You must have a way to get those toxins OUT of the body, you don’t want to be sick, or to have them stored again elsewhere.

The fat cells resist letting go of the toxins. So the most toxic fat is the last to go. Did you ever hit a plateau in your weight loss efforts? Maybe your body was trying to do you a favor. Visceral fat, the fat around your organs, stores more toxins than other fat cells. You can be thin, yet have a lot of visceral fat, and stored toxins.

Did you ever experience detox symptoms as you were losing weight? Rashes, pimples, headaches, hair loss, joint pain, diarrhea, constipation, even hot flashes, moodiness, and depression…these are just some of the symptoms you could experience with these toxins.

Did you know that stored toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals damage your gut? The microbiome is very important to our overall health. If the gut is “leaky”, we are open to allergies and autoimmune diseases. 90% of our serotonin, the feel good hormone, is made in the gut. So gut health is important for our brain health as well. We are only 10% human – the rest is bacteria, fungi, yeast – the microbiome.

We must DETOX at the CELL level! We need to move those toxins out of the body. How? Come in and talk to me about our new PURIFY 2.0 program, with Ultrabiome DTX. Clinical studies showed results in 4 weeks! 55% reduction of arsenic, 30% reduction of cadmium, 20% reduction of mercury, 20% reduction in oxidative stress. Increase of heavy metal elimination by 76% and gut purification improved by 35%. Purify 2.0 works! Make the choice to change your life and perhaps that of the next generation.