Increase Your Vitality

How do you feel today? Tired, overwhelmed, depressed, sick, stressed, in pain? Or are you “on top of the world”, full of joy, energy, laughter, and just plain healthy. It is easy to let the work of daily living take its toll on your body. All at once you wake up to notice that you look terrible and feel even worse! Been there?

At the beginning of this year, I took a good look in the mirror and wasn’t happy with what I saw or how I felt. It is easy to “let yourself go”, being too busy working or taking care of others. Maybe it is time to take care of yourself for a while. Yes, it really is ok to think about how YOU are doing – you have permission to take some time for yourself. These are some of the changes I have made to take care of myself and increase my vitality.


Vitamins – I began taking DoTerra’s Vitality Pack for multivitamins, omega oils, and antioxidants. Amazing the difference! I have far more energy now. Most of us do not eat everything we should daily, yep – I am talking vegetables! So taking supplements can really make a difference. Call me if you want to save money with a DoTerra membership.

Dance – I always wanted to learn how to dance, you know, like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. So my husband and I have been taking ballroom dance lessons. What FUN! It is great exercise too. Next, I want to learn line dancing – anyone know a good place to learn?

Cleanse – Any time my vitality is lagging, I know the toxins have built up in my body and it is time to do a cleanse. Many people are afraid of cleansing, thinking it will be too uncomfortable. I like to use a simple herbal box cleanse, like the Tiao He Cleanse from Nature’s Sunshine. It helps support the liver and bowels to remove toxins and even addresses parasites. The herbal cleanses I carry in the store are designed to allow you to continue with your daily life and work without being too interruptive. You eat normally, just try to eliminate junk foods. It is just like changing the oil in your car, it keeps you running smoothly.

Ketogenic Diet – My husband and I both committed ourselves to losing weight this year. The keto diet is a challenge to get started, but once you learn how it works, it is easy to maintain. I have lost 24 pounds and hubby has lost 40 pounds in just 3 months! I feel great, have energy, and am not hungry. I always have struggled with low blood sugar and the grumpiness of not feeling good if I didn’t eat in a timely fashion. This new diet is changing that. I no longer feel a slave to needing to eat and find I don’t have to think about food all the time. Stop into the store and buy my favorite book on the subject, Simply Keto, by Suzanne Ryan. She has a simple, easy to understand explanation of the keto diet and great, easy to make recipes!

Reiki and Yoga Practice – I am trying to establish a daily practice of meditation, Reiki, and yoga. Reiki is a light touch healing technique which helps you find balance and maintain the energetic flow in your body, mind, and spirit. This spring I took the Level 2 Reiki class so that I could offer Reiki sessions to others (Call me for an appointment). For myself, I have set up a simple yoga mat in a quiet corner of my home to make it easy for the daily practice of both of these. Keeping a positive energy feels amazing, but it doesn’t just happen, we have to work at it. That is why they call it practice.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils – I have attended several essential oil classes this spring and am learning how amazing they are! Not only physically, but emotionally. I now run a diffuser every night as I sleep, all day here in the store, and I love to wear my diffuser necklace too. I want to know how to use these wonderful herbal oils in my daily life!

Daily Skin Care – Wrinkles, puffy or dark circles under eyes, brown spots, dry skin, these are not healthy looking. Growing older is not fun, but it does inspire us to take better care of ourselves. I was at the shopping mall, when one of those expensive vendors grabbed me and put me in front of a mirror. She started talking about some of these skin problems and how her products could help (for a cost of $250). Yikes! After a good look at the difference I saw in the mirror, I knew it was time to take better care of my skin. Rather than spend a lot of money, I ordered DoTerra’s Essential Skin Care kit and got started with a daily routine. I also found a wonderful Eye Cream on my store shelf that makes a huge difference. My skin feels soft, moist, and smooth – all it takes is a few natural products and a little time to take care of myself.

Grandchildren – I now have 5 beautiful grandchildren. If I need a little positive energy, I just give one of them a hug or a smile, even just seeing a picture of them or hearing them laugh will increase my vitality and mood. Children are a blessing, make sure you have a few in your life.

These are a few changes I have made in my life so far this year! I hope this simple list inspires you to take better care of yourself. Summer is a great time to give a little extra time to YOU. As your vitality goes down, your disease goes up. Prevent disease by increasing your vitality. It is that simple! Call me for a personal consultation, I would love to help you through this process.