What is In Your Medicine Chest?

Drugs with a lot of side effects? 

NSAIDS have been shown to harm the liver, kidneys, and stomach lining. Is that really what you want to take for that headache or PMS cramps? I use a homeopathic remedy called Formula 303. It combines valerian root, passionflower herb, and magnesium into a fantastic little pain reliever. I keep this in my purse and use it as my first go to for headache pain.

Pain and inflammation a little more intense? Maybe a little too much snow shoveling or work in the garden? Then I use Curamin X Strength – pain relief in 20 minutes. Any side effects? Nope!

Feeling nausea, bloating, gas, upset stomach? I keep a jar of crystallized ginger by my desk for any time my tummy feels off. It is great to take on trips for motion sickness too!

Digestion problems more intense? Relying on antacids? Did you know they have a very bad form of calcium that can build up in the body? Think kidney stones, bone spurs, or inside your arteries – whoa, definitely a bad idea! Try digestive enzymes instead – these help to break down the food in your stomach, solving the cause of distress.

Did you know that there are natural alternatives to most of the everyday drugs you rely on? You can improve your health by taking the time to evaluate your drug choices and bring in more natural remedies. Be Your Own Doctor classes start in March if you want to learn more! 


Medicine Chest Makeover Challenge!!!

Go thru each item in your medicine chest. Evaluate side effects and target drugs you want to replace. Check for out of date items and throw them away – yes it is ok to get rid of them! As each drug in your medicine cabinet runs low, find a natural alternative to replace it. One choice at a time – you can live more naturally! Need help? Make an appointment with your herbalist for assistance.