10 Reasons to Sign Up for a doTerra Membership


10 Reasons to Sign Up For A doTerra Membership With Healthy Life Solutions

1. Save Money on Essential Oils – with a doTerra membership you save 25% on your oil purchases. Why buy retail, when you can SAVE?

2. Get only the BEST Quality oils – Did you know that you can follow doTerra oils from their source? Just scan the code and you can be sure that you are getting the highest standards of excellence in every bottle. For more information visit: sourcetoyou.com

3. Receive FREE oils every month with a Loyalty order – I love this! I also save up points to use for special expensive oils that I want and then get them FREE!

4. Essential oils make great gifts! I would love to get the Kids Collection for all my grandchildren. Essential oil blends to help them to be calm, strong, steady, brave, or do better in school – the perfect gift.

5. We offer support, answers to your questions, and great classes – Check the event schedule and join us for a class!

6. Make an appointment in the store for an iTOVi scan and a personalized essential oil blend. At Healthy Life Solutions, we are here to help you! Contact us about iTOVi.

7. More than just essential oils - Did you know that doTerra has great quality vitamins? I take their  Lifelong Vitality pack every day, which includes a multivitamin, antioxidant blend, and fish oil with essential oils added. I love the energy that I feel on this combination – try it!

8. Essential Skin Care – Why not take the time to have wonderful skin? These natural products make it easy. Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer…3 quick steps to beautiful skin!

9. Support immune function with OnGuard non-toxic cleaning products: hand wash, laundry detergent, and cleaner concentrate. Switch over your household to non-toxic products easily with doTerra!

10. Essential Oils smell so pretty! I have my own personalized perfume blend in a roll-on bottle. I also love to put it into my diffuser necklace. I have special blends for each room in my house and for different seasons! Best of all – NO chemicals.