What's New at Healthy Life Solutions?

What’s new at Healthy Life Solutions? We have so many new products that they wouldn’t fit in the picture! Learn about how these new products support a healthy immune system, a beautiful body, and an active lifestyle.

Be prepared for winter’s bacteria and virus with Pathogen Assassin, a bioavailable nano-silver. Covalent silver ozone contains 3 atoms of oxygen (ozone) bonded to 1 atom of silver. This particle is so minute that it can travel in the blood stream and penetrate cell membranes without damaging the cell. It then eliminates disease causing micro-organisms. I also really like our new herbal blend, Cold Weather Wellness, which contains Echinacea, Andrographis, and Pelargonium Root Extract. Give your body strong immune support and feel your best this winter season.

Try our Magnesium Oil Roll-on. I am so excited about this new way to apply magnesium. Use it on sore muscles or leg cramps for quick relief. We also have CALM Cream available for those who don’t want the texture of a magnesium oil. Calm Sleep is a new magnesium supplement which also contains GABA, L-Theanine, and Melatonin to give you a terrific night’s sleep.

My newest favorite skin cream is really an old traditional one, Vitamin E Cream. I have been using this on my face and arms with visible improvement. I have seen scaly and discolored spots on my skin disappear, and my skin feels soft and moist. I love it! Another supplement taken internally for the skin is Omega-7, Sea Buckthorn Oil. It will support the healing of the mucus lining of the stomach and intestines and we have an Omega-7 Intimate Care Cream to help with menopausal vaginal dryness. Traditionally, collagen has been used in many upscale beauty products. It is becoming a popular internal protein supplement, taken to rebuild and support skin, hair, nails, and joints. We have Collagen capsules or powder to add to your smoothie.

Since we are talking about personal care products, I have brought several new types of toothpaste into the store. Try one made with activated charcoal, which will whiten your teeth while neutralizing poisons in the mouth. Or maybe try a toothpaste from bentonite clay to draw out toxins in your gums. Other choices might be toothpaste made with colloidal silver or coconut oil, which kills bacteria in the mouth.

Inflammation a problem? Try BosMed + Frankincense Oil which is a unique blend of two related botanicals. Boswellia is the herbal name and frankincense is the essential oil. Together these two provide the two-fold benefit of protecting your cells from oxidative damage and supporting a healthy inflammation response.

Just want to be healthy? Try Clinical OPC, French Grape Seed Extract VX1. High absorption, without tannins, this grape seed extract is one of the most powerful nutrients in the world. Clinical OPC may be helpful for heart and arteries, blood sugar, cellular protection, immune function, cholesterol balance, weight management, focus and concentration, blood pressure and liver function.

Look good and feel great with these healthy products, come in and try them for yourself!