5 Things You Need to go Back to School

1.       Probiotics – Did you know that the neurological cells in your gut equal the weight of your brain? Yep, your gut has even been called the second brain. Most of your serotonin is made there too. If you want to improve brain and neurological function, improve the health of your gut. The best place to start is with a good quality probiotic.

Let me share a customer story with you. A mom came in looking for ways to improve her child’s overall health. He is 18 months old, with Autism. She decided to try a product called SHINE, which is a liquid blend of probiotics. She came in the next week so excited to tell me what had happened. Her son was nonverbal, but the first night after the probiotics, he woke up singing. His verbal skills have continued to grow with new words every week. What a joy it is when you find the thing that the body needs!

2.       Fish Oil – We have a fantastic product Kid’s Omega Swirl, from Barlean’s. I promise it doesn’t taste a bit fishy! Having good quality oils in your diet is very important for brain development. It is highly recommended in pregnancy, great for the developing brain of children, and even the older brain to help prevent dementia.

I have partnered with the Fairfield Board of Developmental Disabilities to provide this fish oil to children in need and the state will pay for it with a voucher. If you work with them, please ask about this program. We have seen the difference it has made for children with autism, both in behavior and verbal skills.

3.       Detox Vaccines – You decided to go ahead with vaccination for your child, but you saw some ill effects or you are still worried about future possible problems. This homeopathic remedy may help relieve the ill effects of vaccines: minor fever, pain, swelling, or fatigue. It doesn’t matter how long ago the vaccinations were given. If you suspect a connection to current problems, this remedy is a safe solution.

4.       Mental Focus Essential Oil Blend – This blend contains lemon, peppermint, wintergreen, basil, rosemary, and grapefruit essential oils. I recommend you use this blend in a diffuser in the room where your children do their homework. Essential oils are a great gift for the student heading off to college.

5.       Astragalus – Mom’s know that going back to school means being exposed to all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and germs. How do you protect your child? Build up his immune system! Astragalus is a Chinese adaptogenic herb that will build up your defenses, supporting T-cell function and immune strength at a deep level in the bone marrow reserves. Start taking astragalus before you back to school and be prepared for whatever comes your way. Great for teachers too!

Don't forget to include your child's health in your back to school shopping. Stop by the store and we will be happy to serve you.