Help For Your Brain, Heart, Arteries, Eyes and Skin

Do you have the essential nutrients needed to promote health for your brain, heart, arteries,
eyes, and skin? Announcing the arrival of two great new products to support healthy brain and
cardiovascular function! At Healthy Life Solutions, we are always hunting for quality products to help you improve your health.

Let me describe them for you.

Omega 6/3 Plant Based Oils by TREN (Traditional Remedies – Emerging Nutraceuticals) I believe this to be the best plant based oil on the market! It
contains a proprietary blend of flax oil, evening primrose oil, sunflower oil, pumpkin oil, and
coconut oil. Labeled organic and gluten free, you can see the purity of this oil in each clear soft
gel. Why omega 6? Your skin contains 1000 parts omega-6 for every 1 part omega-3. Also, the
innermost lining of the arteries is comprised of omega-6, not omega-3. You may have heard
that we get plenty of omega-6 in our diet. In fact, you may have heard that from me! But I have
since learned that just because we have a lot of bad or processed omega-6 oils in our diet,
doesn’t mean we don’t need the good omega-6. In fact, we need to keep the PROPORTION of
the unprocessed omega-6 in our diet higher than the bad stuff. There is a lot of talk about
protecting your skin from the sun, but the best protection is from the inside out. I take this oil
to protect my skin and arteries and to reduce inflammation.

Heart disease and cancer are the result of oxygen deprivation at the cellular level. The best way to improve oxygen transfer is to achieve essential fatty acid (EFA) balance in the body. It is the unadulterated, omega-6 fatty acids that contain the critical oxygen your cells require.

This plant oil blend contains the essential fats in balance as omega-6, or LA (linoleic acid) and omega-3, called ALA (alpha-linoleic acid).

I believe this fish oil to be the best on the market! The fish (Alaskan Pollock) are caught in a
specific area in Alaskan waters and the portion to be used for food filleted. The trimmings are
then sent to a processing plant on a nearby boat or on shore to be pressed into oil. The oil is
sealed into oxygen barrier containers or nitrogen rail cars and shipped to Coshocton, OH for
processing. Alaska leads the world in sustainable fishing practices, and this is important to our
children’s future. Wiley’s fish oil is Certified Sustainable Seafood MSC (, which
means it comes from a sustainable wild fishery, can be traced from ocean to bottle, and is
correctly labelled. You can see the purity in the soft gel and taste it with no nasty “burp back”.
One of the worst things you can do is put rancid oil, contaminated with metals, full of free
radicals (which cause cancer) into your body. QUALITY MATTERS! Please don’t buy just any ole cheapo fish oil! And pay attention to the expiration dates of any type of oil, if it is old, it is full of free radicals – throw it away!

Why Omega-3? Everybody needs Omega-3, our bodies require it, but cannot make it. Omega-3 must come from the diet. Omega-3s from seafood are called EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and are some of the most clinically studied nutrients in human history. Omega-3s work in cells to help regulate crucial health processes. From supplying essential fats for developing infants, to supporting children’s growth and behavior, promoting strong hearts and minds and flexible joints in teens, athletes, and adults, and supporting clear vision and longevity among seniors, EPA and DHA are the good-for- you fats that we need to eat to reap benefits to our health. In 2014, the FDA revised their seafood intake recommendations to advise all pregnant women and young children to eat at least 2 servings of fish every week. (I am not sure that fish sticks count.) These revisions were due to the concern that they weren’t getting the omega-3 needed to support proper growth and child development. Do you and your children eat that much fish? Maybe you DO need a supplement!

Come by the store to see the variety in the Wiley’s Finest Alaskan Fish Oil line of supplements.

We have an excellent pre-natal (I promise, no fishy burps!), and a liquid supplement for young
children which includes Vitamin K for bone strength. Next up, for elementary age children, fish
oil for the brain and lutein to protect the eyes from the blue light of all the electronics of today.
Then for the athlete a stronger dose liquid (2150 mg), tastes good too. For most of us, the Peak EPA, at 1000 mg, is our best selling formula. We also have a Heart Formula for Cholesterol support and an easy to swallow mini soft gel.

Choose QUALITY oil supplements to support brain, eye, heart, arteries, and skin health!