Men's Health

Let’s face it, men don’t like to talk about their health, and most men like taking medication even less. Usually they wait until there is a real problem before they make that trip to the doctor. If you are one of those DIY guys, there are herbal supplements available to use as prevention and to strengthen male health, maybe saving you from future trouble.

My first recommendation for men is a supplement from Nature’s Sunshine, called Men’s Formula. It contains herbs that are well-known for men’s health: saw palmetto, pumpkin seeds, pygeum, gotu kola, and stinging nettle. In clinical trials for the treatment of symptoms related to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), saw palmetto has shown mild to moderate improvement, improving pain and inflammation. In another trial. saw palmetto was associated with similar improvement with fewer adverse effects than the drug Proscar (finasteride). Men’s Formula also contains zinc and lycopene, which have been associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer. My grandfather died of prostate cancer, and my father survived the same cancer, with saw palmetto as a part of the treatment recommended by his doctor. With this family history, I will be sharing Men’s Formula with my three sons as they get older. I believe most men over the age of 50, should consider this supplement as part of their daily regimen for health.

Prostate-Reducing Tincture, by Kathi Keville

1 part saw palmetto berries

½ part nettle root, sarsaparilla root, wild yam root, echinacea root, uva ursi leaves

Cover with vodka. Shake daily, set for 2 weeks, strain. Take half a dropperful, 3 times a day. For a maintenance dose, take once a day.

Anti-inflammatory Prostate Oil, by Kathi Keville

1/8 tsp. each lavender and rosemary essential oils

4 drops chamomile essential oil (optional)

2 oz. St. John’s wort oil (infused oil)

Combine ingredients. Rub on the skin under the scrotum once or twice a day.

Endless trips to the bathroom getting to be a real nuisance? Equolibrium to the rescue! Another supplement from Nature’s Sunshine, Equolibrium supports healthy prostate function and urinary flow without side effects. It also helps improve sleep duration. Equol is a powerful antioxidant, which binds to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to prevent it from binding to receptor sites in the prostate. When DHT binds to those sites it causes the prostate to grow or enlarge, which can cause problems with the urinary system.

Men, be proactive, choose supplements to help prevent future prostate trouble! Women, take care of the men in your life, take home Men’s Formula today.