Journey Through the Body Class Series

I am so excited to share with you the “Journey Thru the Body” class series! We will travel to exotic places and learn how very intricate the body is in design and function. Do you understand the basic way your digestive system works? Do you know what causes high blood pressure or high blood sugar? Do you know how to improve your heart and circulatory function? Doctors are wonderful for giving you tests and drugs, but how do you prevent some of these health issues? Is there a way to support your body to function naturally and without drugs? Take this journey with me and find answers to these questions and more!


Do you understand HOW your body works? Do you want to know natural ways to prevent disease and to keep yourself healthy? In this class series we will discuss alternatives for many common ailments and give you the knowledge and confidence to make better health decisions. Journey thru the body with me!

Class 1 – Gastro | Intestinal – March 16

Stomach                                                                       Heartburn/Ulcers

Pancreas                                                                      Blood sugar hi/low

Liver/Gallbladder                                                        Detox/Stones  

Colon                                                                            Constipation/IBS


Class 2 – Cardio | Pulmonary – April 20

Heart/Arteries                                                              Circulation/Blood Pressure                 

Lungs                                                                           Asthma/Pneumonia

Kidneys/Bladder                                                         Stones/Infections

Eyes/Ears                                                                    Macular Degeneration/Vertigo


Class 3 – Glandular | Reproductive – May 18

Adrenal                                                                          Exhaustion/Stress

Thyroid/Pancreas                                                         Balancing Support Low/Hi

Pituitary/Thymus/Pineal                                               Function/Support

Prostate/Ovaries/Uterus                                              PMS/Reproduction/Menopause


Class 4 – Structural | Neurological – Sept. 21

Muscles                                                                       Pain/Fibromyalgia

Joints/Bones                                                              Arthritis/Osteoporosis

Nerves                                                                        Anxiety/Insomnia

Brain                                                                           Memory/Focus

Class 5 – Immune Response – October 19

Infections                                                                    Bacteria/Viral/Fever

Candida/Parasites                                                    Detox

Allergies                                                                     Seasonal/Food/Chemical

Autoimmune                                                               Cancer


Cost is $35 per class or $150 prepaid for all 5 classes

Place: Healthy Life Solutions, 232 W. 6th Ave. Lancaster

6:00-8:00 pm

Reserve your tickets: 740-689-1111