Anxious? Try Rescue Remedy.

RESCUE REMEDY – Perfect for any emergency!

When disaster strikes, what is the first thing you reach for?  Do you have what you need in those first moments, available to you almost without thought?  Every household should be prepared for emergencies.  One of the best things to include in your emergency kit is Rescue Remedy


Created by Dr. Bach in the 1800’s, from the flowers around his England home, Rescue Remedy is a blend of five of the original 38 flower remedies.  It calms, stabilizes, and heals.  It has been recommended in all types of accidents, hysteria, shock, collapse, panic, attack, stroke, burns, injuries, threat of suicide, or tense situations.  I have used it when feeling stressed or anxious and felt almost instant relief.  My daughter uses it before visiting the dentist.  I also give it to my dog, before a visit to the vet.  The Bach flowers are prepared homeopathically, which means that they are very safe!  They have no side effects or interactions with medications.  Bach flowers are safely used with children, the weak and sick, elderly, or animals.

The normal dosage of Rescue Remedy is three drops on the tongue at intervals of about 10 minutes, until improvement occurs, then lengthen the time between doses until no longer needed.  If oral ingestion is not possible, you may place a few drops on a person’s lips or rub into their forehead.  Rescue Remedy also comes in a cream, which may be more easily used in some situations…such as the hospital or at school.

The five flowers included in the Rescue Remedy and their descriptions follow:

Cherry Plum is for losing control and when hysteria is evident and violent, even to the point of doing harm to someone else or one’s self.  When combined with the other flowers in this formula it has the ability to allow a person to maintain control when dealing with pain or when terrified.

Clematis restores consciousness; useful in fainting, coma, or injury.  It has the ability to help a person remain conscious, to be focused, or to take action, even if in pain.

Impatiens is the remedy for PAIN!  Impatiens helps, whether there is mental pain of irritability and extreme stress, or physical pain such as a toothache or even in the intense pain of an accident.

Rock Rose is the remedy for panic or terror, as in accidents or near death experiences.  It is for paralyzing fear.  It gives the ability to have courage, to sacrifice oneself for another, to do what is “right”, it also gives mental freedom from fear.

Star of Bethlehem is the remedy for shock and trauma.  When you have heard bad news, after being in an accident, or subjected to harm.  This remedy defuses trauma, so that it does not become locked into the subconscious memory pattern to haunt a person for life.  Stories of use include:  after being attacked by a dog, so as to not maintain a fear of dogs.  Or perhaps when someone is returning to driving after experiencing a car accident.

Having these five flowers together in one remedy makes it easy to have ready and to use quickly.  You don’t have to give much thought as to which flower remedy would be best, because it is perfectly blended together for you.  If in doubt, if in an emergency, USE RESCUE REMEDY!

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Learn how this homeopathic remedy can help you with anxious, stressful thoughts and situations, or even feelings of panic. SAFE and reliable, a remedy you can trust, even for children or pets. Best of all, anxiety relief without side effects!