Parasite Cleansing

Parasites are something none of us want to think about, but they are with us every day.  Did you know that diarrhea caused by parasites is the 3rd major cause of sickness (and even death) in the United States?  Pinworm is the most common type of intestinal worm infection in the US, mostly affecting children. Ocular toxoplasmosis- a parasite in the eye- is the most common infection of the retina (the inner lining of the eye) in many parts of the world, including the US.


What are the common symptoms of parasites?   

Do you experience...

Unexplained muscle aches and pains, normal bowel movements with alternating bouts of explosive diarrhea and constipation, abdominal pain and cramps, weight loss, unexplained fever, bloated belly, gas, nausea, grinding of your teeth at night, chronic fatigue, dark circles under eyes, acne or hives, insomnia, irritability or hypersensitivity, anal or vaginal itching.   *This information taken from Renew Life Formulas and Herb Allure Inc.

Where do we pick up these parasites?  Do you...

Have contact with pets, empty the cat litter box, travel internationally, participate in sex, eat raw or unwashed vegetables/fruits/meat/fish...sushi, eat at fast food restaurants, eat undercooked pork or lamb, swim/bathe in or drink infected water, have insect bites (mosquitoes are bad this year).

Yikes!  How can I get rid of parasites?

I recommend a parasite cleanse once or twice a year.  Fall and spring are good times to do an herbal cleanse, as the body adjusts to the new season.  We have several products available in the store...I have used these cleanses personally and with my children.  They work!


Para-Cleanse, by Nature's Sunshine, is a 10-day program formulated to destroy parasites, yeast, fungi, and microbes and to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract.  It may be repeated after a week break to catch the eggs which may hatch out.  It also improves digestion, liver health, and supports the immune system.  Para-cleanse packets contain capsules including:   Black walnut - traditionally used to expel intestinal worms, Artemisia - known to destroy worms/virus/bacteria/candida yeast, and Paw paw - especially strengthening to the immune system.  

ParaGone and ParaGone for Kids, by Renew Life is a cleanse designed to be taken for 15 days, rest 5 days, and repeat for another 15 days...this catches the eggs which may hatch out.  These cleanses have two-parts:  capsules and a liquid to be taken daily.  They include the herbs:  black walnut, wormwood, clove, garlic, rosemary, thyme, pau d' arco, pumpkin seed, and marshmallow

Come by the store, check out the products, and ask questions.  Most of us worm our animals/pets regularly...shouldn't we do the same for ourselves and our children?  Don't let parasites steal your energy or the nutrients you need for good health.  Get rid of parasites - NOW!