Homeopathy for Behavior Problems in Children

Homeopathic remedies are safe, nonaddictive, and may be used with children who have developmental or behavioral problems.  These remedies may be taken with medications as they do not interfere with them.  The information for this article was taken from one of my favorite books, Natural Treatments fro ADD and Hyperactivity, by Skye Weintraub, N.D.  Please see the book for more complete descriptions and information. 

Anacardium:  for confused children who have the feeling of being followed or having a double.  They have a tendency to curse or swear and are abusive to animals.
Arsenicum album:  for children who are fidgety, hyperactive, and have allergies.  They have restless sleep.  Their mind is anxious with obsessive thoughts and double checking. They are always in a hurry.  They fear being alone.
Baryta carbonica:  for the child who is delayed in physical and mental development.  Poor assimilation causes emaciation of the body.  The mind has a a lack of understanding, very literal, with difficulty keeping up.  Problems with tonsils and chronic cough.
Cannabis indica:  autistic or "spaced out" children whose senses are exaggerated. They make up stories, have a short attention span, day dreaming, absent-minded, biting, and fear of death.  Urinary tract problems common.
Capsicum:  children who are brooding, irritable, absent-minded, disobedient, angry, and homesick.  Extremely obstinate and offended easily.  Difficulty in sleeping, wake full of fear.
Carcinosin:  children who are dull of mind, fearful, timid, unhappy, worried, and obstinate.  They love travel and music.  Strong cravings or aversions to certain foods.  Symptoms may appear after a vaccination reaction or a family member may have cancer.
Chamomile:  child with a bad temper, irritable, impatient, and complaining.  Everything for them is intolerable...they "cannot bear it".  Symptoms worse at night.
Cina:  child who is restless at night, grinding teeth or wetting the bed.  They may pick their nose until it bleeds.  This child does not want to be touched or looked at.  Parasites may be present.
Helleborus:  child feels stupid, dull, unresponsive.  History may show head injury or encephalitis.  They are unable to memorize anything.  A feeling of despair, anger, and aversion to making any effort.  They often bite their spoon without awareness.
Hyoscyamus:  child with poor impulse control.  They do not answer questions, act silly, laughing, and dancing around.  They talk excessively, with episodes of mania, rage, and depression.  They are manipulative, lying, jealous, fearful, delusional, and violent.
Lachesis:  jealous children, vengeful, sarcastic, nasty, with severe depression.They are very sensitive to criticism. They wake from sleep even more agitated.  They hate tight clothing.
Lycopodium:  the bossy child.  Intelligent with performance anxiety, insecurity, poor memory, inability to concentrate, and chronic fatigue.   Fearful of new situations or changes in diet.  
Medorrhinum:  children who fear public places...especially eating in public.  Aggressive, having temper tantrums, malicious with animals, impulsive, cannot pay attention, they are night owls.
Stramonium:  remedy for terrors and nightmares, worse between midnight and 2:00am, often wake screaming.  They have a horror of shiny objects.  Do not estimate distance correctly.  Food tastes bitter.  Child may sit silently, picking at their clothes.
Sulphur:  children who do not like to be bathed, and tend to be untidy.  Daydreamers in a fantasy world.  Their thought processes are illogical.  Memory is poor.  Enclosed situations threaten them.
Tarantula hispanica:  remedy for the most hyperactive of children.  They display impulsive restlessness, self-destructive, excessive fits, unceasing movement, violence, and depression.
Veratrum album:  child displays repetitive behavior and hyperactivity.  Child is restless, destructive, will tell outrageous lies, and act inappropriately bytouching others.  They love ice cold drinks.